Wed., August 15, 2007

by J.M00nchild

My latest mixset is up and available. After our last disco departure, I thought I'd fast forward us back to the 21st century. This mixset, Love Is Overdue, [ ... ]

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All That Glitters Is Not House

Fri., June 22, 2007

by J.M00nchild

All That Glitters ... is a bit different than my other mixes. As much as I love house music and all of its children from deep to progressive to electro to techno, I've been around a while.

So indulge me.

When I [ ... ]

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Website Fixes

Thu., June 21, 2007

by J.M00nchild

If you've been trying to send me messages using the site's contact form, I've been getting big long emails of nothing. Yep, that's right nothing except that a message was sent. Jeez, really helpful.

That issue has now been fixed and am [ ... ]

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Album Art Update

Fri., March 23, 2007

by J.M00nchild

You may have noticed that album art for a number of the older Mix Fix mixsets was either missing or was a duplicate image.

Originally, when I started the Mix Fix series, I thought of using one standard image for [ ... ]

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Is Cracking Up Good For You?

Mon., February 19, 2007

by J.M00nchild

My latest mixset exemplifies the occasionally unbearable link between sanity and the creative process. There's an edge to the mix' passion and a compelling quality in its narrative that inches that much [ ... ]

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Mix Fix 11 Fixed

Thu., February 1, 2007

by J.M00nchild

A few of my listeners have wondered what was wrong with Mix Fix 11. Looks like it wasn't uploaded properly and you've been listening to Mix Fix 10 if you downloaded it. I've fixed the mix. Hope you [ ... ]

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Been Taking A Break

Fri., January 19, 2007

by J.M00nchild

After three months of back to back weekly mixes, I've been taking a bit of a New Year's breather to recharge my batteries. Attend to a few other professional priorities (imagine actually needing to pay [ ... ]

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Mixing Has Changed

Sun., December 3, 2006

by J.M00nchild

I'm not sure I much understand the art of mixing anymore. Not that I have to – I mean I can just "do it", if I want. Never content to simply do, however, I am compelled to reflect on the nature of the mixes I produce and what's changed over [ ... ]

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I Did It Again

by J.M00nchild

I went off and made another mixset: In Search Of Finding. For you. For me, even. Probably for everybody.

My first pass at this didn't succeed. I'd edited and beatmatched for 8 hours and when I took [ ... ]

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Audio Ennui

Fri., October 27, 2006

by J.M00nchild

I've kept my blog thus far focused on music: what I'm into, what I've been doing, what I plan on doing. Occasionally blogging about music provides an opportunity to discuss how music releates to the rest of my life--and quite possibly [ ... ]

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Fri., October 27, 2006

by J.M00nchild

Yes! I'm going to see Sia at the Fillmore here in San Francisco on November 6. Ever since I heard her amazing song [ ... ]

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Make Me Cry

Thu., October 26, 2006

by J.M00nchild

The brief, simple lyrics to a song I've been listening to me lately make me cry:

I'm in love with you.
Where ever you go I will follow you.
Where ever you stay I will be by your side.
Whatever [ ... ]

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Let Me Tell You A Story

Mon., October 16, 2006

by J.M00nchild

Good dance mixes don't just link a series of songs together. They tell stories.

Whether it be a story of celebration--feeling good and sharing the love from track to track, or a tale of passion--sensual [ ... ]

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Music Is My Lover

Wed., October 11, 2006

by J.M00nchild

What else can I say:

No one can come between me and Music.
No man, no woman, no child.

Music is my guardian.
Music is my friend.
Music is my caretaker.
Music will be with [ ... ]

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A Love Like This

Sat., October 7, 2006

by J.M00nchild

Sometimes the things you love take you on special journeys in the middle of the night when you least expect it.

For instance, yesterday. It was after midnight and I'd been relaxing at home digesting a late dinner when I thought it'd be [ ... ]

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Damn, That's a lot Of Money

Wed., September 20, 2006

by J.M00nchild

I'm currently contemplating shelling out $800 to purchase the TC Electronics Powercore Compact for my laptop workstation.

My laptop is Dell M60 Precision that I purchased [ ... ]

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Let's Go Down To The Disco

Mon., September 18, 2006

by J.M00nchild

Was in Seattle this weekend hanging out with my good friend Maxi (a.k.a. your friendly Remixlab operator and charming host of [ ... ]

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