I Did It Again

I went off and made another mixset: In Search Of Finding. For you. For me, even. Probably for everybody.

My first pass at this didn't succeed. I'd edited and beatmatched for 8 hours and when I took it on a test drive it fell flat. I was bummed. In fact, I wasn't even sure I liked the individual songs, let alone how I'd strung them to gether in order to tell this particular story.

So I sat down again and went back through every transition, tightening them up, lengthening intros and outros to let each new track have a place to sit in and let you subtly get comfortable with it long before you actually notice that it's emerged as the dominant tune I reworked EQs letting the bass of one song ride over the next's treble.

And I gotta say. Just all of this subtle finishing took a lackluster collection of songs and turned it into a gripping mix.

As my mom mentioned in an email after hearing it: "It's extraordinarily seamless!" And if my mom likes it, I had ot have done something right

So go on, try this "extraordinarily seamless" dress of dance music on. You'll be amazed. It'll fit you like a glove and make you the darling of the ball.

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