A Love Like This

Sometimes the things you love take you on special journeys in the middle of the night when you least expect it.

For instance, yesterday. It was after midnight and I'd been relaxing at home digesting a late dinner when I thought it'd be fun to open up my new copy of Ableton Live 6 that I downloaded as an upgrade from Live 5 the other day. It's such a cool program and has truly infinite applications for audio production--especially if you're stuck on a PC like me and don't have access to Logic. Thanks, Apple--you owe me a MacBook Pro Core Duo 2 ... okaay.

Since picking up Live 5 a couple of months ago, I've used it to write original tracks, remixed other artists and now, as you'll see (and hopefully hear), full length mixsets. I used to be a Reason fanatic. I haven't touched it since I got my hands on Live. I can load up all the VST soft synths and effects I want, can mix everything down to a finished file or could just use it for live performances or djing with the appropriate sound card.

Ah, DJing. I've missed making mixes for a crowd.

Quick backstory. While in Houston last week, I had been shopping around for new music at Beatport in the middle of the night. That site got me hooked FAST. Purchased and downloaded 28 tracks in 2 hours! Seriously hot tracks, too. All falling somewhere in the sweet spot between progressive, electro and deep house. Heady and atmospheric yet absolutely rooted to the floor.

My mom even liked the tracks. And I put a lot of faith in my Mom's opinion about music--she's been playing cool tunes ever since I was a baby. If it weren't for her this white boy wouldn't be singing along with Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" while cleaning house on Sundays ... okaay.

"It's all in me. Everything you want done baby. I'll do it naturally"

So again. Last night. At 1am. I decided, hell, it's been FOREVER since you sat down and mixed some music. Let's see what Live can do.

And, voila, 5 hours later *6am yawn*, one of the nicer mixes I've ever done. The first 15 minutes are breathtaking in their passion and seamlessness.

To quote Diamondancer from Jimpsters FIERCE track, A Love Like This on my mix:

"And everything abou this music satisfies. The bass. The drums. And drums. And drums. The beating of the drums ... You need. A love like like this."

Now to be fair, this isn't the same as mixing live. For me, the uber-perfectionist, it's even better. *grin* I can control every aspect of the mix without flubbing it real-time and guarantee that you the listener get a top quality product that you can listen to again and again at home, at work, in your car or at the gym.

I hope you listen and enjoy.

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