My latest mixset is up and available. After our last disco departure, I thought I'd fast forward us back to the 21st century. This mixset, Love Is Overdue, features alot of music I'd rounded up back in March and never got around to using. Funny thing is that these tracks are really smoking tunes and I haven't been hearing them out so consider yourself members of the exclusive "I only heard it here" club.

The irony, of course, is a number of my friends mention to me about 6 months after I served up a mix that they're hearing the tracks I chose in all sorts of places.

Right on.

You'll probably also notice that I've departed from the 70-80 minute constraints of my previous mixes. CDs are a fading format. So many people have iPods now or listen to music on their computers, that opening up the length of the mix to 90-120 minutes allows listeners to experience the full breadth of story telling. If you want to listen to the mix in your car, however, and only have a CD player, by all means download parts 1 and 2 instead. Each is about 50 minutes in length and the break happens in JUST the right place.

Speaking of storytelling: Mix Fix 018 contains a number of vocal tracks as well as significant song titles that explore passion: the hopes, moments, aftermaths, and consequences. I've programmed the emotional flow to rise and fall like infatuations and love affairs: ups and downs, crazy good times and introspective dissapointment that comes when they're over.

The music in this mix is superlative and really captures the transition dance music is making out of 20 years of house into something else. Be sure to listen all the way through to Luv by Simone De Nauw. It's my favorite track: lush synthpop with a great bassline hook and sexy, sultry vocals. It's around the [##] minute mark and is well worth the wait. Also check out Djinxx's Be Quiet and Trentemoller's Moan tracks. In each case, I've taken two brilliant remixes of the same song and completey reworked both by mashing them up so tightly that I bet you can't tell which one is which. Sometimes remixes of a song are so good it's a shame to have to choose over the other.

So go turn of the lights and dance alone at home, or hope in the car and let the city lights glide on by, or light some candles, get naked with your lover and make love all night long.

Whatever you do, enjoy it. It's overdue.

posted on 8.15.2007 11:29 AM • Add A Comment