J.M00nchild is a musician, producer and occasional DJ currently living in Houston, Texas.

His music, while primarily deep techy house and trance, has diverse roots in classic house, techno, industrial, new wave, punk, funk, disco and jazz. His hallmark: hypnotic and spacious soundscapes wed to solid bassline-driven groove. Listeners frequently comment that his music is catchy and somehow retro and fresh at the same time. Perhaps this reflects his passion and awareness for music both new and old.

Regardless of his point of departue, it cannot be denied that J.M00nchild looks deep into the heart of electronic music and bares its essence soulfully and with conviction.

He can frequently be found on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/jm00nchild), in studio, or wandering around town with headphones on. Tap him on the shoulder and say hi.